The Ministry of Stewardship & Missions

Our Guiding Principle

“…Serve the Lord with gladness.” (Psalm 100:2)

Our Mission

Plan, encourage and coordinate participation by members in our Christian stewardship to serve God, His creation and people, and His Church, as well as plan, coordinate, and direct the Church’s spiritual, human, and material stewardship resources to fulfill the Church’s nature, ministry, and mission.

How We Fulfill Our Mission

We undertake our planning as part of:

  • the Hawai‘i Conference United Church Christ (HCUCC) and its 105 member churches;
  • the Association of Hawaiian Evangelical Churches (AHEC) and its 18 member churches and three Partnership Ministries;
  • the State Council of Hawaiian Congregational Churches (SCHCC) and its 49 member churches;
  • the O‘ahu Association of the UCC (OAUCC) and its 49 member churches;
  • the O‘ahu Council of Hawaiian Churches (OCHC) and its seven member churches
  • the Kawaiaha‘o Church, a 163-member church

We encourage the members of Kawaiaha‘o Church to share and spread the message of the Bible, which is about a King, a Kingdom and His royal off-springs or citizens.
We coordinate participation of members so they may know and understand God’s Kingdom is founded on eternal principles that will never fade or pass away. And, through our Christian stewardship to God, our members may choose to understand the key to man’s manifesting the Kingdom of God here on earth is the presence of the Holy Spirit, discovering and believing Jesus came to restore righteousness and holiness to man and knowing in God’s Kingdom economy, blood is necessary for restoration.
We plan in order to exercise our full status and potential in the earthly realm as ambassadors of our Father, we must be retrained in the behavior and mindset of the Kingdom. We coordinate as royal children or citizens of our heavenly Father, so that we can take charge of our circumstances rather than being a slave to them and direct the Church’s stewardship resources, like Jesus, to retrain for Kingdom leadership.

Our Stewardship Resources

Giving to the King activates the King’s obligation to demonstrate His glory and power to the giver and to prove that he is a greater King than all other kings. Giving in His kingdom is the acknowledgment that all things belong to the King and the citizen is grateful. Because giving to the King is impossible (since all things already belong to the King), the act of giving benefits the royal off-spring or citizen more than the King. Thus one should never come before the King empty-handed.

Royal off-springs or citizens in a kingdom is not a right but a privilege, and it is at the pleasure of the King himself. Royal off-springs or citizens are chosen by the King and are beneficiaries of the King’s pleasure and promise; and

The style and way of life for, His royal off-springs or citizens are manifested in our language, dress, eating habits, values, morals and sense of self-worth and self-concept.
We fulfill the Church’s Nature, like Jesus, to restore the Kingdom of ruler-ship of God on earth through mankind Ministry, as an ambassador speaks for the kingdom and does not represent him/her self; only his/her kingdom and the ambassador is the kingdom’s agency for conveying its will, desires, and purposes in the territory to which he or she is assigned; and Mission to re-introduce the Kingdom of God on earth to mankind.

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