What should I wear?

We hope you will feel comfortable here, no matter what you wear. Some people wear aloha attire or dresses; others come in casual slacks, jeans, or shorts.  Our Sunday morning 9:00 am service is our traditional service. Whatever you wear, we will welcome you.

Where can I park?

The church faces Punchbowl Street., and there is street parking in the back of the church on Kawaiaha’o Street and Mission Lane.

Where are worship services held?

On Sundays you will find us in the sanctuary.

Where should I sit?

You are welcome to sit anywhere in the worship area. An usher will gladly help you find a seat if you wish.

How will I know what to do in the worship service?

As you enter, an usher will hand you a program which lists the parts of our service. Everything you need should be printed in the program. In the traditional service, songs are either printed in the bulletin, or referred to by number, and can be found in the hymnal in the seat pocket in front of you.  In the Contemporary service, words to songs are projected onto the screen in the front of the worship area.

What happens in worship?

  • We usually begin our services with announcements, and then, sing songs of praise to the good and loving God of all.
  • There is a time for children to talk with our pastor or children and youth leader; our lay reader will read from Scripture and the chancel choir or praise singers will sing a musical offering.
  • Then, the Kahu (Pastor) gives a message focused on the weekly Bible reading. Following the message, we take time to pray about our joys and concerns.
  • We receive an offering, then we close with a song, and the minister offers a closing good word.

Those are the essential components of worship. Sometimes we arrange them in a different order to try to keep things fresh.

Do I need to make a financial offering?

No. The offering plate is passed, but we do not expect our guests to make an offering. For us, the offering is our way of saying thank you to God for the many blessings we have received from God. We understand giving to be a spiritual act of dedicating what we have, and who we are, to serve God. We consider offering our gifts to God more than a financial issue. We invite people to offer their spiritual gifts, or whatever gift they feel moved to offer.

Are children welcome?

Absolutely! Children and young people are welcome in the worship service. We also have a Sunday school that begins after the services are over.

How long does church last?

Our worship services usually last about one hour and a half.

When is communion offered, and should I take it?

Communion, the Lord’s Supper, the Eucharist is offered periodically throughout the year. We welcome all people who are seeking a closer relationship with God to share in communion with us. If you choose to not receive communion, that is fine, too.