Our Mission Statement

To affirm, lift up and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior;  to nurture and impart personal gifts while sharing Christ’s fellowship with one another, and to perpetuate our Hawaiian Cultural Heritage in language, music and stories.

Our Vision Statement

E ho‘omaikai i Ke Akua,
E aloha kekahi i kekahi, a me
E ho‘ohaumāna.

Our Objective

To provide an environment in which Kūpuna may gather periodically to ho‘olauna i ke alo o Ke Akua (fellowship in God’s presence), share knowledge with others, teach others about the history of Kawaiaha‘o Church and the language and culture of Hawai‘i, participate in and teach arts and crafts, outreach to the community, and carry out the vision and mission statements of this ministry and Kawaiaha‘o Church.


Membership is open to all friends and ‘ohana of Kawaiaha‘o Church.  There are no age restrictions or limits for membership.  Everyone is invited to join us as long as they share the mission and objectives of this ministry.  Meetings are held on the third Friday of each month from 10:00am – 12:00pm in Ka‘ahumanu Conference Room, after which time a potluck lunch is shared.  Please join us.  You may contact the business office at 469-3000 if you have any questions.

Nā Kūpuna at Kawaiaha‘o School

On Friday, September 18, 2009, six kūpuna and one of our scholarship recipients went to the Kawaiaha‘o Church School to read a story to the toddlers and to do a flannel board presentation to the preschool and elementary students. The keiki were very attentive and were very good listeners. Ruby Donlin taught the children a song and they happily sang along. Kupuna Puanani told the story of Ha‘o and his sister Pualei who wandered through the grounds of Kaka‘ako and eventually discovered the spring, known today as Ka Wai A Ha‘o, or the fresh spring of Ha‘o. Today, we know of the Princess Ha‘o, a descendant of the young chief Ha‘o, who used to bathe in the spring. Because she was sacred, she was carried to the spring on a manele so her feet wouldn’t touch the ground, thereby allowing commoners to also use the fresh spring. Each kupuna was thanked with a hand made lei by the grateful keiki. Mahalo to Claire Steele, one of our scholarship recipients who helped in taking pictures of the event. Na Ke Akua e ho‘opomaika’i i nā kumu a me nā keiki ma ke kula o Kawaiaha‘o.

Mai Poina Me Ke Aloha

Nā Kūpuna, Kahu Curt Kekuna, Frank Pestana and Puanani Caindec attended the final send off for Edith Demars on Saturday, September 19, 2009 at the Waikīkī Elks Club. After a brief service of reflections by friends and a few words by Kahu Kekuna, Edith’s ashes were scattered outside the first reef. Just as the paddles were raised high to signify the scattering of ashes complete, a huge wave crept up behind the canoe and brought the canoe in to shore. It was awesome. Edith and her late husband Ralph were good stewards for Ke Akua and we will remember their generosity for a very long time. We bid them a fond aloha.

Mahalo A Nui Loa

The kūpuna wish to extend a special mahalo to Bob Albin who meticulously hand crafted a pair of kāhili stands which now hold and support our kāhili that grace the altar in our church.  Bob graciously consented to construct the kāhili stands and he did a wonderful job.  Take a few minutes to appreciate Bob’s excellent craftsmanship  To make the stands more meaningful and precious to Kawaiaha‘o, Bob used pieces of wood salvaged from some of the broken redwood pews from our sanctuary.  Mahalo a nui loa, Bob.

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