Ministry of Evangelism

Hōkūleʻa & Hikianalia ‘Ohana Day Recorded

A recording of the program is on YouTube at https://youtu.be/83cidbDQ0G4?t=833. Also please join us on the Kawaiahao Church Ministry of Evangelism page on Google Plus.

Hae O Ke Aloha

The loving hands of ke Akua Manaloa carry and pour out the blessings of His presence and aloha mai ka lani mai (from the heavens), represented by the wai He pours into the ʻūmeke He provides for you, His keiki, by His aloha pau‘ole (unceasing, eternal love). Sunday, May 11, 2014 was a shared time of “positioning for the blessings to flow,” as many came around you, to seek Him with you, and to cover you and your ‘ohana in pule. The people are represented by the pattern on the ʻūmeke as we are woven as one ‘ohana to aloha, support, carry and uplift you to ke Akua Manaloa. The two ʻō‘ō crossing behind the ʻūmeke, also show the commitment and kuleana of we, who will turn the ground in the spirit through pule on land for your fruitfulness as you are journeying by sea.
Wai which is so waiwai (of great value) and essential to survive the journey on salt water, was also used to wash your feet. Its spiritual symbolism is cleansing and purification – preparation, as your feet (body, mind and spirit) will be traveling the world to various nations. As Iesū washed His disciples’ feet and told us to do the same to show His aloha and servant hood, we were honored to wash your feet and bathe you in pule.
The ʻūmeke holds the wai used for the foot washing and the feet on either side of it have been freshly washed. But, it also represents the world that you will be sailing through and every nation that your feet will walk upon carrying the Spirit of Aloha (ke Akua Manaloa’s Spirit whose presence we all experienced in our time together). The ʻūmeke also represents the ancient way our kūpuna navigated using a wai filled ʻūmeke under the stars.
Hōkūle’a and Hikianalia, are part of the ʻūmeke, symbolizing your need to be filled continually with ke Akua Manaloa’s aloha and grace as you journey as an ‘ohana (He wa’a he moku, He moku he wa’a). The cross above the hands shows that it is from ke Akua Manaloa that we are able to give. He is our Kumuola (life source). The cross also stylistically appears as a star shining above. As we each do our part in lōkahi (on land and sea in this journey), and when the tasks can become challenging and difficult, may we lift our eyes above to the One who made the stars and everything in creation – Iesū, who is also called the Bright Morning Star! As Hōkūle‘a shines for the world to see, may those you meet know that they are dearly loved and highly prized and may they be inspired to step out in aloha and courage for the betterment of the world just as you have.
The kāhili, like the ones in Kawaiaha‘o, represent royalty. We remember the Biblical reference of “the great cloud of witnesses,” – our kūpuna and ali‘i (some of whose faces were encircling us in the sanctuary), and others who have gone before us and urge us on to fulfill the destinies we were created for by ke Akua Manaloa. What took place that Sunday was a sacred time, seeking, honoring and calling upon ke Aliʻi o nā aliʻi (the King of kings) Iesū ke Kristo who gave His life in our stead (“Greater aloha has no one than this; to lay down one’s life for His friends.” John 15:13).
The 7 triangles represent Hawaiian thinking in 7 generations – keeping in mind the legacy, kuleana and aloha of those of the past whose wisdom, na‘auao and faith have been passed down to us, and as we take our places in the same way they did, we can help mālama the future generations! The 3 triangles at the top represent our Makualani Aloha (Loving Heavenly Father), Hoʻōla Iesū (Jesus our Savior) and Kōkua ka ʻUhane Hemolele (Holy Spirit our Helper and Advocate).
As we were in pule for this hae, one person received a picture of a quilt. Our Beloved Queen Lili‘uokalani (who was mentioned with our precious Princess Pauahi that Mother’s Day as makuahine of our lāhui and aupuni), had the words, “Kuʻu Hae Aloha” referencing her Beloved Hawaiian National flag, aupuni, ʻāina and people, sewn upon the quilt that she and her companions began while she endured illegal imprisonment in her home of ʻIolani Palace. Lili‘uokalani and Pauahi’s dedication to mālama their people, aloha ʻāina and unwavering faith in Iesū are remembered here as well.
Finally, “A ‘o kona hae ma luna iho oʻu, he Aloha nō ia”, proclaim “…His banner over me is Love” (Song of Solomon 2:4). Ke Akua Manaloa is the source of Aloha and is Himself Aloha, He is with you and will provide for you every step of this world wide journey because He loves you and all those He will bring you to. He who loved the world so much that He gave His only son has made provision for you and for the world! Aloha nui mākou ‘ohana iā ‘oukou me ke aloha pau‘ole i Iesū (we your ‘ohana love you with the everlasting love in our Iesū).