All who subscribe to our vision statement and are willing to commit to it are welcome to join Kawaiaha‘o Church.

The Vision Statement of Kawaiaha‘o Church
Honor God, love one another and make disciples.

E ho‘omaika‘i i ke Akua, E aloha kekahi i kekahi a me E ho‘ohaumāna.

Those interested in membership should attend a New Member Class. Classes are offered from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. on the first Saturday of every month, except December. If you would like to attend, please call the Kahu’s Office no later than the third Wednesday of the month to register. Participating in a class does not obligate a person to become a member.


Kahu Curtis Kekuna offers pastoral counseling to members of the congregation on request. To help those who feel a need for emotional and psychological counseling, Kawaiaha‘o Church also provides referrals to professional counselors who have a relationship with the church.


At Kawaiaha‘o Church, baptisms are offered for adult members who have committed themselves to Christ. The church also provides for members to have their child or a child for whom they are serving as guardian christened or dedicated to Christ.

Baptisms are held on request and are open to members of the Kawaiaha‘o Church. Those wishing to become members should refer to the New Members section of the website above to learn about this process.

Members wishing to be baptized must attend baptism classes. Baptisms are usually performed at Ala Moana Beach by immersion and take place Saturday mornings.

Call the Kahu’s Office to learn more about registering for baptism classes.

Renewal of Wedding Vows by Kahu

For those who wish to reaffirm their commitment as a married couple, Kahu Curtis Kekuna will perform a ceremony of wedding vows renewal. For information about arranging a renewal ceremony, please call the Kahu’s Office.


Funeral services are open to all people of Christ.  Every effort is made to accommodate the family’s preference in scheduling services that do not conflict with other reserved events.  To make arrangements for a funeral or memorial service, please call our Events Coordinator, Mariko Ono at (808) 469-3050.

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