Director of Pastoral Care and Christian Education

The Director of Pastoral Care and Christian Education is responsible for all aspects of ensuring the care and connection of the congregation from a first time visit through full involvement and participation within the church. This includes development and leadership of a pastoral care function, newcomer assimilation, overseeing of all communication with the congregation, and our Sunday Worship guest services; “Hui Aloha.”

The Director of Pastoral Care is the executive and director of the pastoral care of the church, working under the Senior Kahu. The overall goal of this position is to build a community of care and compassion with new and existing members of the church.

This position is also responsible for the Christian Education Ministry and reports to the Senior Kahu who will complete an annual performance evaluation of the incumbent. The incumbent will have a close working relationship with the Pastoral Staff, Executive Director, other staff members, members of the Church Council, the Board of Trustees and the Deaconate.