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Donation FAQ

Yes, online transactions of this sort are conducted millions of times a day. There is no check to be lost or stolen, and you may be protected by your credit card company or bank as well.

Yes. Online donations using Debit / Credit cards are accepted (Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card) as well as E-Checks. There is a transaction fee charged to the church account for each online donation processed. In addition, when using a Debit / Credit card, the credit card network (“merchant services”) will assess a 3% processing fee to the church for each transaction. Donors are given the opportunity to help cover the cost of this additional fee during the donation process.

Donations made online will be used to further the ministry of Kawaiaha’o Church. To designate funds to certain accounts, simply make those designations on the donation page for the desired field.

You will receive a receipt via email confirming your contribution. In addition, you will see your donation on your monthly account statement with an identifier of “online” KAWAIAHAO CHURCH.

Yes. You will see your contribution listed on your quarterly and annual contribution receipts and your gifts will be tax deductible.

You may cancel a reoccurring gift at any time. Simply go to your account and change your giving options. Should you have any issues, please contact the financial secretary at the church business office.

When you go through the donation wizard and after you have allocated the desired amounts, you will select the E-Check option and fill out the appropriate information.

Yes, you can do that. Simply go through the online giving process and select your desired frequency.

If you have any questions about online giving please email us at