Online Worship Services

Aloha Kawaiaha’o Ohana,
Hope this finds you in good spirits. Yesterday’s news that our Sanctuary would be closed due to the Coronavirus situation gave us pause and forced us to re-examine our worship. Like you, I find comfort just being in our Hale Pule. It’s a spiritual embrace. Like a mother’s love. And when my mom is unable to hug me, I get upset and rather confused. But, like many things, this too shall pass. Until then, and it could be sooner than later, we must adjust. In doing soon, Kahu has quickly developed another way by which to worship as a Church ohana. Let’s try this one on for size. It will never replace mom, but for now, we’re an on-line “Apana.”
Kawaiaha’o Church TV will be on youtube for live streaming of Kahu at 8:30a tomorrow morning.  Please pass this onto as many people as possible so that we can keep in step with the Word from our Kahu.  See you on-line. Malama for now.